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  1. UCSF New Grad Nurse Residency Fall 2020

    Hi, I know this is an old thread, but was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction. I can't really find much information regarding the requirements for the New Grad Program at UCSF. I understand that the hiring freeze is in place un...
  2. CCSF Spring 2019 Admissions

    I believe it was on or around December 12th.
  3. CCSF Spring 2019 Admissions

    Yes, orientation for us was mandatory. I am not sure if they would make accommodations for out-of-state applicants or not, but I do remember them saying that we would be forfeit our spot if we did not show up. There's lots of info they go over during...
  4. CCSF Spring 2019

    About two years. Best to take your time with the prereqs and get good grades than to rush through them.
  5. CCSF Spring 2019

    Yes, there are five classes that you must take prior to applying to the program. However, you need chemistry before you can enroll in two of the prerequisites.
  6. CCSF Spring 2019 Admissions

    My background check appeared the same way on my to do list, so I think you're good. I drank too much water for my drug screening though and my results came back as 'dilute negative.' I remember they said if our results were dilute that we would need ...
  7. Drop out of program (Spring vs. Fall apps)

    Cool thing was (if they adopt the same program as CSM) that you would take all of your SF State classes at CCSF. So this would be a much cheaper route, and possibly free if free city applies to this.
  8. Drop out of program (Spring vs. Fall apps)

    This was the nursing counselor at CSM, so she didn't have an exact date. She only told me that CCSF would have theirs within the year. I guess at CSM you wouldn't start taking SF State classes until the second semester, so there is hopefully a good c...
  9. TEAS 6 Advice (Questions Welcome)

    I too scored in the 97th percentile. I used the yellow Mometrix book and the official TEAS Study Manual. I found the Mometrix book to be much more in-depth than the official TEAS Study Manual; this was especially true in the science section. The prac...
  10. Drop out of program (Spring vs. Fall apps)

    I hope that this does happen soon. I have also applied to SF State for fall admissions and plan on attending if I do get accepted (unless they start the bridge program in 2019). Worst case I just took an extra semester, but will have an upper-hand on...
  11. Drop out of program (Spring vs. Fall apps)

    I actually had the same idea in mind as you.. I heard that CCSF, however, will be getting a bridge program similar to CSM. Basically, you attend both CCSF and SF State for the two years of the program. After graduation you complete one final summer s...
  12. CCSF Spring 2019 Admissions

    Congrats on getting accepted! Hopefully the packet answers a lot of your questions. If not, we should all have a very clear understanding after orientation. There are also nursing counselors, but they are booked up for the remainder of the semester e...
  13. CCSF Spring 2019 Admissions

    Congrats on being accepted! I hope to see you at the orientation :)
  14. CCSF Spring 2019 Admissions

    Nice to meet you too! I guess I will see you at orientation :) Anyone else on here get their letter?
  15. CCSF Spring 2019 Admissions

    Congrats to you too, and to anyone else that got their letter! Yes, I will be there! So excited/relieved as well. My name is Tyler, by the way.