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  1. Chocolateluv

    New grad PRN? Year off? Help.

    I am currently in nursing school about to graduate with my RN at the beginning of May. I am very excited to be a nurse. However a new experience has fallen into my lap. I have the chance of playing a season of college basketball while completing my BSN which would start about 6 months after I graduate. I've read all about "stale new grads" and I don't want to have a hard time finding a job due to being "stale" and I know it's silly, but I would like to try this experience out while I'm young and still can. I was wondering how to approach this.. Should I (or can I even) apply for a full time position and try to dropdown to PRN? Is there certain places I could work PRN as a new grad that would allow me to maintain my nursing skills? Or should I just not even try to play? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks,
  2. Chocolateluv

    New grad needing experience?

    Hello nurse family, Im graduating nursing school on April 30th with my ASN. I am currently a student nurse tech on a CVICU floor. I am really interested in ER, ICU or O.R. nursing. Everywhere I've looked online wants at least one year experience. Do they automatically exclude you if you don't have on year experience? What are your suggestions for getting a job on a floor that interests me? I really do not want to do Med surge nursing, although I'm starting to think I wont have a choice. Suggestions?
  3. Chocolateluv

    Santa Fe Spring 2019

    Hey! I'm applying with 50 points. Hopefully I get in! Really nervous.

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