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    Why did I give the med before surgery?

    I've been a med-surg nurse for over 5 years. I gave a patient with history of CHF bumex prior to surgery, as order said NPO except sips with meds. Post surgery he became tachycardic and hypotensive and a neo drip was started. He is going to the ICU rather than the med surgery room he came from. I was driving home and realized, "Oh crap I gave him the bumex this morning. Why in the world didn't I hold it?" One of those regrets that might have not cost him the extra medicines/boluses of fluids if I had held it. :( I wish guidelines were given for which medicines to hold and not hold better for med surg nurses. Not all of us have an ICU or PACU history. Anyway, that is my regret of the day. :( -Disappointed in herself nurse hoping the patient will recover ok

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