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  1. Hello! I just graduated from an accelerated 2nd degree BSN program. I have four years experience as an EMT-B in a large city. My goal is to become a CRNA after gaining ICU experience. My predicament is this: Should I accept a progressive ventilator stepdown unit (PSVU) position at a level I trauma center? They work closely with all the ICUs in their hospital and I would have the opportunity to apply to an ICU at this hospital within 6 months. OR: Should I apply for ICU positions at nearby non-trauma hospitals to get critical care experience right away? These hospitals have mostly night shift ICU positions available. I guess I'm wondering if the trauma designation is a bigger factor to acceptance into CRNA school or would it be better for me to have actually worked in an ICU for a longer amount of time? I would ideally like to apply after obtaining 2 years experience. Thanks for your input!