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  1. Courtney_123

    A&P covered in LPN school?

    Any LPN graduates or current students that can tell me what to expect as far as A&P goes in LPN school? I start in jan and already have my books so I've been looking over my A&P book, as it intimidates me the most, especially since I've never taken an A&P course. What organ systems are usually covered in LPN school? Or what should I be brushing up on before school starts? Thanks!
  2. Courtney_123

    Can LPNS still work while attending RN bridge program?

    Thank you for the info!
  3. Hi guys! I recently got accepted into an LPN program, scheduled to start in January . I know this is looking way into the Future but I've always been a planner! Lol. After I graduate I would like to finish up my pre reqs for an RN bridge program. Any LPN's currently working towards their RN? Were you able to continue work while in school?
  4. Courtney_123

    First coast tech acceptance

    Hi guys! I was recently accepted to first coast techs lpn program in St. Augustine, FL. I was told verbally over the phone by the program advisor that I would have a seat for January 2019 and that she would be sending me an acceptance email. That was 2 days ago and I'm still awaiting the email. I'm tend to get anxiety and over think things, so would it seem pushy or annoying to email her and check on when I should be receiving the acceptance letter? What would be a good way to word the email? I may be over thinking it but I just want to have in writing that I have my seat for the January term lol.