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  1. rx3500

    Med error and Pyxis

    see my profile, would love to hear about pyxis concerns.
  2. rx3500

    Forgotten Morphine

    Hello, I am a pyxis manager at a large hospital and see this all the time. It was good that you remembered to go back and waste before the patient was discharged. Documentation like this is hard to update in pyxis once the patient has been discharged. I would utilize the waste upon removal function, so it's documented. Plus you will need the witness and they may be more likely to remind you of disposing of the remainder before you leave. Protecting you in the future. If you have any future questions I'm more than happy to respond
  3. Install is almost complete.... So many issues have been brought to my attention. I am curious to know how narcotic inventories are done in other facilities whom utilize automated dispensing machines on inpatient wards. 

  4. Pyxis install

    Currently in the middle of a huge rip and replace of old pyxis system, to upgraded pyxis ES. Very tough to facilitate all the movement these days. I am interested in any views or opinions on Pyxis ES by nursing whom may be utilizing the system or have found issues with it in the past. I get several inquiries daily about documenting waste and correcting discrepancies. I would like to hear about cases in which this was an issue and what was advised to fix them. More to see how other facilities handle certain issues. Ie: user entry, discrepancies, waste, documentation, corrections, nursing inventories of controlled substances, audits, and types of transactions that require a witness. 

    Please feel free to share your experiences with any automated medication device. Any information may create better processes in the future. 

    Thank you for reading and responding😊