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  1. Lpnurse2b

    San Antonio LVN school

    Did you end up applying to St Philip's if so how was the application process
  2. Do you know what all supplies were required besides uniforms and text books?
  3. Did you find out the inside scoop regarding the school I'm thinking about applying myself.
  4. Lpnurse2b

    Texas Tuition Reciprocity (BSN/MEPN)

    Did you have to work during the 12 months of living in texas I'm coming from Missouri and wanted to know how to gain residency so that I can pay the in state tuition prices.
  5. So I was researching lvn programs and one caught my interest, its Alamo college st Phillip's. I saw that the in state district tuition would be on $10, 500 compared to the lvn program in my home state 19k. So I just wanted to know how do I become a resident so that I pay instate prices. Also anyone who completed the lvn program what was it like.