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  1. jazz5299

    Lincoln Tech, Shelton CT

    omg i'm starting in September!
  2. jazz5299

    My everlasting journey towards my nursing dream/goals

    It may be odd to you.. it's random thoughts of feelings people endure within themselves..
  3. Do you ever wonder when will you reach your dream/goals? Do you ever wonder when that day will ever come of you walking across the stage? Do you ever wonder when the time come to take your entry exam into a nursing program of your choice? Do you ever wonder when your next pre'req will be like? Do you ever wonder what path you will take; whether it's a community college or Fast track L.P.N course? Do you ever wonder how will you pay back your previous student loans? or possibly make payments? Do you ever wonder how different life would be financially ; if you had the opportunity to be debt free? Family, Environment,Economically,Financially, Socially, & Psychologically all play a role in my everlasting journey towards my nursing dream/goals. Start preparing/planning and go get yours!
  4. Hope you reached your goal. I myself attend N.C.C. I have been there since 2015 taking 1 -2 classes per semester. I'm 40 yrs. old with a G.P.A of 2.83. I still have 136 Mat , Chem, AP1/2 plus micro. As you can see i'm still fighting my dream and goals. I crawled and soon will be walking. Baby steps. My plan is to possibly take an entrance exam to hopefully start an L.P.N program for 2019 Fall. In the process i'm still planning to stay @ N.C.C to finish Math and Chem. I plan to pay out of pocket for A&P Spring of 2019 and Pay for A&P in the Summer of 2019 at Housatonic; with that , if i don't get accepted to the L.P.N fall 2019 , then i still plan to apply for the R.N @ N.C.C Nov. 2019 for that next year fall of 2020. All you need are short term and long term goals. Make a plan and stick to it... Wish you all the very best!!! Including myself!

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