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  1. Applied for January intake but I'm hoping the GPA isn't as high as last intake or I wont have a shot. Mines 3.54
  2. jwb10

    KPU 2nd Year Nursing- September 2018

    I laughed when I read this haha do you think everyone is going to have all A+ lol
  3. jwb10

    Kwantlen (KPU) - BSN

    Health foundations was a very misleading and unstructured program. Teachers taught different material and graded differently too. Unless you are a straight A student I wouldn't advise this program at all as it is GPA ONLY based, so if you have to work and have other obligations you will be at a severe disadvantage. KPU let in way to many HF students creating a big problem to get into second year. Also seems like a cash grab with having to apply multiple times and the solution they gave if you didn't get into second year even with a 3.6 GPA was to borrow more money, retake our classes that you did well in to possibly improve my half a grade( paying them MORE money )and apply again. Even then its not guaranteed because the GPA is unknown, so you could be waiting years and just retaking courses and wasting your time. They should be ashamed of creating a program that causes the students so much stress financially and emotionally. Even the teachers don't think that its a fair program. If I knew what I know now I would have chosen a different institution to become a nurse.

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