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  1. Trippder

    MSJ, MSN program-Ohio Mount St. Joseph

    Hello everyone! Congrats to everyone who recently started at MSJ and those of you starting this Fall. I'm actually finishing up my application, so I will be expecting my interview in the next month or so. Could anyone tell me what types of questions to prepare for in the interview? Is it pretty relaxed or intense? Also, how long did everyone have to wait to hear back from them after the interview? Do they contact you regardless if they're accepting you or denying you? Sorry for all the questions!
  2. Trippder

    Mount St. Joseph University

    Hello everyone! I'm just finishing up my application to Mount St. Joseph University in Cincinnati, OH. I just have a couple questions about the admission process. Once I submit all required documents, when should I expect to receive feedback about an interview? How long is the interview and what does it contain? How long after the interview did it take them to accept you? Is anyone else looking to enter the may 2019 cohort? Thanks in advance!