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  1. Desperately need advice and encouragement

    My story is very similar to yours. I have kept a job for the security and had a small child. After 20 years in this (boring) career and my daughter getting to middle school, I started taking my prerequisites and have now finished them. I will take th...

    Thank you for sharing your experience @justwanttohelp12. This is good advice. The schools all try to convince you that their program is going to give you the best chance of a good job and it can be hard to prioritize taking longer vs taking out more ...

    Also, ASU has a new direct entry MSN that you many be interested in. (UofA has one in Phoenix as well).

    I am in the same situation in Arizona. I was determined to do an accelerated BSN, but the cost and difficulty to enter have made me rethink. I am now aiming for the Maricopa Community Colleges' Concurrent Enrollment Program (CEP) which allows you to ...
  5. Should I leave nursing school, even if I just started?

    I know when I have big changes in my life it can be difficult for me to know if my "gut instinct" that is telling me to run is really because I am making the wrong decision or because I am afraid. Give yourself time to sort through the thoughts that ...
  6. Leaving federal job for nursing school

    I was a single mom for a long time and I am so grateful I had a M-F 8 to 5 job that allowed me to drop my daughter off at school and then rush to the after school care after work to get her. I always wanted to return to nursing school and so am doing...
  7. 47 and Graduation TODAY!

    Congratulations! If my plan works out, I will be 44 when I graduate (in 3 years).
  8. ASU Post Bacc - 2020

    @CamMc Thank you for sharing this here! I agree, this would be a great option. I am going to look at it right now!
  9. ASU Post Bacc - 2020

    @AngUnderwood I just have one at home who is in middle school (a couple older step-children that are pretty independent now - one from a prior marriage and one from current husband). Even though my daughter is not that little anymore, I am already st...
  10. Rio or Phoenix College Bio201 - ONLINE

    At Phoenix College, at least for BIO201 and 202 all labs and exams are online (exams require their software with webcam). The chem class says you order a lab kit to do at home as well.
  11. ASU Post Bacc - 2020

    I am planning to apply for the 2021 cohort because I am still working on pre-reqs and only doing one at a time to make sure my gpa is high, while working and kids, blah blah. Anyhow, I am watching this thread to see others' experience with the applic...
  12. Rio or Phoenix College Bio201 - ONLINE

    I have been following this thread as I decided where to do my prereqs, so just wanted to share my experience. I am just finishing BIO201 online at Phoenix College and am registered for BIO202 and CHM130 in summer/fall. The class has been hard, but I ...
  13. Thank you so much for sharing this story! It is inspiring. I am currently working on my prerequisites for nursing school and, if I get in to the school I want, will graduate at 44. But I am thrilled to even have the possibility to do the work I have ...
  14. Rio or Phoenix College Bio201 - ONLINE

    Would you mind sharing how your experience was? I am having a hard time deciding whether to do my prereqs at Rio Salado or Phoenix College. Thank you!
  15. How did it go at Phoenix College online? I am signing up for BIO 201 there in the Spring. I also have to do it online because I work F/T and have a daughter. Thanks in advance!