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CardiacRN#1 has 4 years experience as a ASN and specializes in Cardiac Telemetry, Psych, Interventional Cardiac,.

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  1. Conditional offer to firm offer, time line

    Hi there, If you are referring to the VA hospital in my area typical turn around time is 3 to 4 months from start to finish. I was given a tentative offer end of May. Still do not have my final offer. Everything is done just waiting for final ap...
  2. CVICU vs TSICU for New Grad

    I say follow your heart. If you know your interest is in trauma, and you have the opportunity to get that experience then take the trauma job. It doesn’t seem like going to CVICU because of $2 or $3 différence will really make that much of a dif...
  3. Confused and annoyed with myself

    Hello All, I recently interviewed for 2 units Interventional cardiac and CVICU. To my surprise I was offered both positions. I have previous experience in Cardiac Stepdown, interventional cardiac and Psych. My current job I am in psych. I r...
  4. Should I take higher pay or excellent benefits?

    No union, but the hospital is tied to state so their benefits are much better than all the other are hospital. The more I re-read the advice it really is a no brainer! thanks again
  5. Should I take higher pay or excellent benefits?

    Thank you! I was at my public hospital job today thinking to myself how can I leave. I really do love the job, and my coworkers. They announced they would be giving an increase in pay to nurses as a result of current market and what other area hospit...
  6. Methadone clinic job offer

    Hello All, I did accept the full time position at the Methadone clinic. I love this job!!! More patient interaction. I feel safe and I love coming to work. Some patients really want to stop using and some just come to not get sick but still not ready...
  7. Methadone clinic job offer

    Yea it is. I am going to try it.
  8. Methadone clinic job offer

    Hello, I am registered nurse for about 6 months. I work at a large hospital on night shift. I am really not adjusting well to night shift and I have children so needless to say night shift has been an exhausting struggle. recently I wanted to see wha...