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  1. maggiecalle

    Chamberlain Sacramento May 2019

    THAT IS AMAZING!!!!!!! Yes, I am so anxious waiting to get the call from my advisor. Hoping for the best!!!!
  2. maggiecalle

    Chamberlain Sacramento May 2019

    I think they will definitely still consider you. Chamberlain requires a personal statement so you always can focus a paragraph on your situation and what you’ve overcome. I would try to continue getting academic renewal on whatever courses you can, as well as repeat any courses that chamberlain requires, because the higher grade will replace the original one. Study, study, study for the HESI. From what I’ve been told by my advisor, a high HESI score will make you more competitive, even if your GPA may not be the highest. Good luck and let me know if you have any question during your process!!!
  3. maggiecalle

    Chamberlain Sacramento May 2019

    Hi there!! What a great HESI score. We have very comparable stats. My advisor reached out and said the next admissions meeting is on the 31st and applicants should be notified of their decisions within a week. I can’t wait much long ether. Good luck and update us when you receive your decision. Let’s hope this week goes by fast!!!
  4. maggiecalle

    Chamberlain Sacramento May 2019

    I think retaking the HESI after taking sciences will boost your score even more!!! I’m considering that option too, however, it’s so much simpler to stay local. I’m crossing my fingers and I wish luck to you over the next few months!!!!
  5. Hey everyone!!! I applied for the May 2019 start at the Sac campus. I don't see a current feed, so I wanted to start this one so other applicants can get connected. I would love to know if you've been admitted, waiting to hear your admission decision, or if you're considering applying. Look forward to talking to you all!!!