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  1. Dav49

    RN CPR instructor

    Hello everyone, I am a new grad RN from Toronto Canada. I would like to work as a CPR instructor in the GTA. I tried looking up but could not find any valuable information about how to get started? Does anybody know what is the process like? Thanks,
  2. Dav49

    Nursing to engineering

    I dont think I be able to switch now because I wont be able to start until sep2019 and thats three years of my life in the drain. Im thinking of informatics nursing, any thoughts?
  3. Dav49

    Nursing to engineering

    Hello everyone, I am a third year RN student from Toronto (Canada). I feel like I am more into engineering (software or programming type). Does anybody know if its possible to enroll into a masters of engineering program after finishing BScN or has anybody made a switch to engineering? Any info would help. Thank you,

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