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  1. lromkee

    Union University ABSN 2019

    Don't be nervous. My story sounds a lot like yours. My first year in college was horrible. I was pregnant and life hit. I did some classes through APSU a few years later. When I decided to return to school 4 years ago, I was returning with a 1.07 GPA. I worked my butt off to get where I am at today. You can do it.
  2. lromkee

    Union University ABSN 2019

    I start at UU in Hendersonville January 28th. To the OP, I no longer live at Fort Campbell but live right outside of Nashville. I will have a 40-minute commute. @HFavored1- when I submitted my application through NCas I received my acceptance within 2 weeks. I submitted early though. People were still being added to my cohort in November/December. I took the TEAS. It did not determine if I would get in or not. They wanted it for research purposes. I am not sure what the requirement is now. Also, to the OP, when it came to GPA they only look at your last 60 hours of credits. Apply and see what happens.
  3. lromkee

    Union University ABSN 2019

    I start the ABSN program at UU in January. I also used to live on Fort Campbell. I think an accelerated program is doable with kids. Just have to be determined. I wish you the best in your decision.
  4. lromkee

    Wanting to Quit Nursing School

    Do what makes you happy but I would finish if I were in your shoes. There is so many avenues that you can take as a nurse. You don't have to work bedside. Explore your options.
  5. lromkee

    Should I take nutrition online?

    I, also, have not heard a nutrition class with a lab. Unless it was for dietetic majors. I took my nutrition class online. Lots of work but I got an A.
  6. lromkee

    Needlestick error

    I know this is a few weeks old but I hope he reported this. The patient, and your colleague, need to have testing done. This happened to my daughter when she went in for a vaccination. My daughter freaked out which caused the nurse to accidentally prick herself but with all the action occurring proceeded to insert the needle into my daughter. I was shocked that it happened but didn't know what to do. We went home, called a doctor friend, who told us to call our doctor to let them know. We were told to come in for blood work. Thankfully, everything was fine. But still a little unnerving. It happens but follow-up needs to happen.
  7. lromkee

    No health insurance

    Christian Healthcare Ministries is what I was thinking of. Check it out.
  8. lromkee

    No health insurance

    Look into a health sharing plan. Something like Samaritan's ministries, etc. You pay a monthly fee, and when you go to a doctor, you pay up front, but send in the paperwork and you get reimbursed. I'll look around for other programs that offer this.
  9. lromkee

    Finish my degree or quit and do nursing

    I am finishing my Bachelor's in December and start my accelerated nursing program in January. Personally, I'd finish what you started. Can you squeeze in prereqs while you finish your degree?
  10. I got my acceptance a week after it was sent in. But, I sent mine in early.
  11. I am finishing up microbiology this semester. It's why I got a conditional acceptance. I would apply.
  12. It doesn't hurt to try. Do you have an opportunity to take Chemisty again?
  13. YAY!!!!! I am finishing up my bachelor's this semester, along with microbiology.
  14. lromkee

    Did I mess up my chances for nursing? SUNY Orange

    As those before me mentioned, it woud be best if you spoke to someone at the school of where you'd like to apply. I, however, want to give you a little bit of encouragement. I had my son when I was 18 and in my first semester of college. Needless to say I had some horrible grades on my transcripts. When I decided to return to school a few years ago, my GPA was LOOOW! I can't even remember what it was. However, I worked my butt off and got my Associate's at a community college in May of 2017. I transferred to a University August of 2017 and I will graduate with my Bachelor's this December with Honors. I was planning to apply for OT but, this past May, I decided to pursue one of my lifelong goals. You guessed it, nursing. I began researching schools near me and decided on an accelerated program that will begin in January of 2019. My application was done through NCAS and once my transcripts were added, my overall gpa is a 3.1 but my math and science is a 3.6. However, the school I chose looks at the last 60 hours and my gpa for my last 60 hours is a 3.96. I submitted my application early and I got my acceptance 5 days later. It wouldn't hurt to apply. Good luck.
  15. I received my conditional acceptance into the Spring 2019 cohort in Hendersonville. I have seen similar posts for past cohorts and want to see if anyone else has received their acceptance or put their application in yet?