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  1. Lizardqueen13

    Not eligible for any programs in my area.

    Thank you! It’s okay. I just got into my school’s psychology program and I’m enjoying it thus far & looking forward to what’s to come. I’m completing and/or retaking all my nursing pre-reqs as my electives, and I plan to apply to ABSN programs afterward. It’ll only be 2 extra years to wait, and in the end I’ll walk out with 2 bachelor’s degrees I live about 15 minutes from Yale New Haven Hospital and I had the pleasure of interviewing a psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner (my dream job) and she followed almost exactly the same path I am, so that was really encouraging for me.
  2. Lizardqueen13

    Not eligible for any programs in my area.

    Yeah, I considered the LPN route, but the programs in my state cost 30k. Which is more than what I’d be paying for an RN or BSN, so I can’t bring myself to do it. The LPN-RN programs in my state are also competitive; they make you start from scratch and apply with all the other people who don’t have a background in nursing already. Pretty messed up. There is one exception. One private school that honestly saw an opportunity and ran with it. They offer an ADN program and an LPN-RN program with very low level requirements, like a 2.75 gpa and only 4 or so prereqs. None of that getting accepted for pre-nursing and applying into the nursing program BS either; you begin your nursing classes as soon as you finish the prereqs. The only thing is it’s pretty expensive. However, I don’t mind. It costs the same amount as the school I’m attending now and if I got in I’d be spending that money on a degree that I WANT. I got rejected for spring, but hopefully I can get in for fall 2020 after adding a few more A’s to my transcript this year.
  3. Lizardqueen13

    Not eligible for any programs in my area.

    Thanks for the response! Wow. I can’t believe an ADN program would require that much. Around here the requirements are simple: just passing grades in math, chem, a&p1, and english, and a decent TEAS score. They’re just really, really competitive. The one I really want to get into is owned by a big university so it’s basically a pay-your-way-in admissions process, which at this point, I’m fine with because I’m paying the same now for a degree I don’t necessarily want as I would for an ADN. All the other ones are community college programs with 2 year long waitlists. I gave up on even attempting to get into a BSN program because they’ve all caught on and made it impossible for a transfer student. I considered LPN/LVN, but the programs in my state all cost 30k, and I can’t bring myself to owe all that money when I could be getting my RN for the same or less. Best of luck on your path! I’m happy you’ve found what will work the best for you. Although it’s not what you had planned on, it is still a big achievement. LVNs are still nurses, despite the stigma. I work as a CNA and all the LVNs and RNs I work with have almost the exact same duties, and their pay is only a $3 difference.
  4. I decided years ago I wanted to be a nurse, and I became a pre-nursing student my freshman year of college, not knowing that my school offered a "direct admit" program for high school students who met the requirements - they would automatically go into the nursing program once completing their prereqs, rather than having to apply to it sophomore year. Well, undiagnosed/untreated bipolar disorder got the best of me that year and I ended on a 2.67 gpa. My school requires at least a 3.0. It's whatever. I then went to a community college for a semester and landed myself a whopping 1.2 gpa. Then I had a breakdown and left school for a semester, went to therapy, found the right meds, etc. Now I'm back and I have a 3.6 gpa. The problem is that my school and all the other BSN programs in the state only accept 2 prereq retakes, and obviously you're a better candidate if you have 0. I have 3 pre-req retakes (a&p twice, micro once). On top of that, I have an entire transcript from a school showing I had a 1.2 gpa, and that looks really bad. All the ADN programs I've applied to rejected me, and I don't even wanna waste my time with the BSN ones. Not to mention almost all of them require you to get admitted to the university, complete a bunch of other classes that have to be taken on their campus, and then you can APPLY for the nursing program with absolutely no guarantee of being accepted. I just don't know what to do. I don't want to believe that because of one bad year I'm screwed out of getting into any programs, because I only want to be a nurse. I've tried to talk myself out of it, I've started to pursue other majors, other healthcare paths, and tried to convince myself that I don't want to be a nurse, but at the end of the day, it's all I want. I'm currently a psych major because I figured it makes more sense to get some sort of degree since I'm already two years into college, and worse comes to worst I could shoot for ABSN programs later on. But every single day I spend at school I feel like I'm wasting my time because I'm not pursuing what I actually want to be. I just wanted to make a post and see if anyone knows something I don't and/or can make any recommendations.