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  1. Alycebeier

    West GA Tech ASN Summer 2019

    I will be at the morning session as well. See y'all there. If you don't mind sharing.... What your competitive score?? Mine is an 82.
  2. Alycebeier

    West GA Tech Summer 2019 ASN

    Are y'all going to the meeting on the 18th??
  3. Alycebeier

    west GA Tech fall 2017

    Not sure if tall will see this, but worth a shot. I have applied to West ga tech and wanted to see how long is the program... I have read 2 years but is that spring fall and summer semesters? When did you start and when will you end? What is the most you went to class in a week? What is the least? I know each semester is different and it wont be the same for me... Just looking for an idea.
  4. Alycebeier

    West GA Tech Summer 2019 ASN

    I have applied