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  1. kara_t

    Mom Wants Me to Become an RN as Backup... But I Don't

    If nursing is not something you want DO NOT do it! Nursing school is so incredibly hard and if you're head is in something else besides nursing then it will be even harder. I had friends drop out first semester who really wanted to be nurses but once school started found they hated it. Also like others have said nursing isn't really a fall back career unless you're going to work part time hours in order to stay competent in tasks. For your sake and patients sake do not pursue nursing just because your mom wants you to. Follow your own dreams.
  2. kara_t

    42 Years Old - Is it too late to become a nurse?

    Is there such thing as too old?! I am 25 with 2 young kids and school can be hard but I go to school with quite a few even younger than I but also my closest friends throughout nursing school are in their 40s. I say if this is what you want and you have the determination to do it anything is possible! Go for it! The worst that will happen is you find that it's not for you!
  3. I am currently a 3rd semester nursing student and I have never had an instructor be malicious in such a way you've described. Yes I've had instructors push for information but that was to get myself and others to use critical thinking skills to come to an answer. sometimes it may seem like they are being mean but in reality they are just trying to help us. Yes I've been told and have witnessed others be told to look something up but I feel that was just to get us to use resources and not rely on answers being handed to us.
  4. kara_t

    Recording device for lectures

    I have never had a problem with recording lectures just ask at the beginning of each semester or anytime you have a new instructor. I like using mine to fill in things I've missed. I also found listening to lecture again helps me retain info. I also have a 30minute drive to school so listening to lecture then also helps. I got my recorder for about $40 at Walmart it's a super basic recorder but has held up thus far for two semesters.

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