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  1. RNbannanie

    Drexel online fnp msn 2018

    We should definitely start a FB group! I just made one for the pediatric programs starting this fall. Just search Drexel Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Students 2018 :)
  2. RNbannanie

    Drexel Fnp fall 2018 start

    I'm starting the Dual Peds Primary and Acute Care program and we all have the same classes the first year. I went on rate my professor to get some insight from prior students. I ended up choosing sections based on that. A friend of mine who knows someone in the program a year ahead liked Jackie Murphy's ethics class.
  3. RNbannanie

    Drexel online fnp msn 2018

    Yes! I'm section 901 for NURS 500 and 903 for NURS 502. Do you live close to drexel or are you out of state? I grew up outside Philadelphia and at one point worked at CHOP but live in NC now. I know one previous co worker of mine who is also in our cohort :). Just looking to connect with people so we can help each other out through this process!!!