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  1. nicolexlynn

    Villanova Second Degree Accelerated BSN 2019

    I had applied to Jefferson and Thomas Edison as well. I was not accepted to Jefferson and Villanova seemed like a better fit for me than Thomas Edison. Also, I was able to create a Facebook group "Villanova BSNExpress 2019-2020" so all who plan on attending please feel free to add yourself to the group.
  2. nicolexlynn

    Villanova Second Degree Accelerated BSN 2019

    Ok sounds good! I can't figure out how to private message on here but I'm taking patho at Villanova so I have my email account set up. You can send me an email at nwilli27@villanova.edu
  3. nicolexlynn

    Villanova Second Degree Accelerated BSN 2019

    I'd like to start a Facebook group for everyone in the cohort but I need to invite at least one person to create it. Is anyone interested?
  4. nicolexlynn

    Villanova Second Degree Accelerated BSN 2019

    I got in too!! Has anyone started a Facebook page? Congrats everyone! I'll be taking patho and genetics in the spring.
  5. nicolexlynn

    Villanova Second Degree Accelerated BSN 2019

    My interview went great! They said I should hear back from them formally after Thanksgiving when they meet again! What is everyone doing for Pathophysiology?
  6. nicolexlynn

    Villanova University BSN Express May 2018 Cohort

    I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions? I am not able to private message on here, would you be willing to give me your e-mail address? Thanks!
  7. nicolexlynn

    Jefferson Fact 1 May 2019 Center City

    Congrats on the interview! I will be impatiently checking my e-mail all day now! I have interviews in the works for Villanova and Thomas Edison but was really hoping for Jefferson.
  8. nicolexlynn

    Villanova Second Degree Accelerated BSN 2019

    Hello everyone! I was just contacted for an interview! Would anyone mind sharing their experience? I'm not sure what to expect, what the schedule will be like, where the clinical sites are located? I am located in South Jersey so I'm curious to see how far I could possibly be commuting.
  9. nicolexlynn

    Thomas Edison University Fall 2018 ABSN

    Hello! I have an application in for Spring 2019 and was wondering how everyone feels about the program? I will be quitting my job but have a one year old daughter so I just wanted to get some background on the schedule and courseload if anyone wouldn't mind sharing, any details would be helpful!
  10. nicolexlynn

    Rutgers Camden ABSN Fall 2018

    Hi! I am hoping to apply for Spring 2019 entry. I was wondering how your experience is going so far? Do you recommend the program?
  11. nicolexlynn

    Thomas Edison ABSN Spring 2019

    I just put my application in! Are there any other applicants out there? What have you heard about the program? Where else have you applied?
  12. nicolexlynn

    Jefferson Fact 1 May 2019 Center City

    I just submitted my app last week and my last transcript came in on Monday. The wait is going to kill me! How fast did everyone receive calls for interviews? I am nervous because most of my pre-reqs are repeats from 2004 with bad grades but have all been replaced with A's. Does anyone know how large the cohorts are? I also applied to Thomas Edison and Villanova and will be applying to Rutgers Camden in December.
  13. nicolexlynn

    Southern NJ ABSN Programs

    I am located in Southern NJ and am currently taking prerequisite courses to apply to (preferably) an ABSN program. My mind was set on attending Rutgers Camden due to distance but I've recently heard they are looking for a 3.4 overall GPA. They also require one extra course (Genetics) that I would have to take specific to their admissions. That being said I starting setting my sights on Thomas Edison's ABSN program instead. I was wondering if anyone in the South Jersey area had any insight on the programs offered locally. I live right by Rowan University but they do not offer a traditional BSN let alone an accelerated. My GPA at Camden County College is low from 2004-2007 (2.9) and my GPA from Stockton where I got my Bachelor's in business is a 3.25. I have taken A&P I and II and got an A in both so far and am wrapping up Biomedical Ethics and Nutrition next week. Any advice or direction would be much appreciated as I will be finishing up my pre-req's in the Fall 2018 semester (hopefully with A's as well).