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    taking my nclex soon

    The most important thing is to answer questions... I did it in my free time constantly. I was on a break at work, off from work, on the bus... if at any point I wasn’t doing something, I would answer questions. UWorld was all I used and an app on my phone. Do not get discouraged by getting questions wrong if you’re using uworld or any other question bank. Uworld was great because their rationales were great. Read the explanations about why the correct answer is the correct answer so you can understand how the NCLEX wants you to think about their questions. Test day... try not to panic. I had a literal breakdown on question 20 because it was a simple math question I had answered millions of times before and got right and I just couldn’t get a sensible answer. I sat there for 10min on that question and didn’t let myself move on until I was done freaking out because I knew if I was panicking like that, not only would I have gotten that question wrong, but every other one after that too. If you need to take a few minutes to breathe, do that. Do not freak out and rush through them just to finish. I landed on the right answer (i think lol), got some confidence back, and passed in 75. Good luck, friend!
  2. XoThatGirlLeX

    My First Enema, PANICKING?

    Hey guys. So I just started my first nursing job and I’m having a total panic attack because of how my first enema administration went. So I’m on orientation and my preceptor had me to a tap water enema on our patient right before discharge. So the patient can walk and my preceptor told her to go into the bathroom and bend over near the toilet. My preceptor has me lubricate the tube and he holds the tap water bag while I insert the tube into the patients rectum. So I enter it in and think it’s enoigh, so he opens the clamp and in goes the water. For whatever reason, the water starts shooting out of her immediately so my preceptor was like “it’s probably not in enough.” So I push it in further, feel no resistance or anything and the same thing happens?! So now I’m like “idk what is happening.” We eventually get the whole bag in, about 50cc end up on me and the floor, and the patient doesn’t have to go at all. Like it did nothing. So, my questions are, is it common for patients to be unable to retain the fluid? And if I pushed it in too far and did some kind of damage like perforated her bowel or something I would know it right? Like there would be pain and bleeding or something? I’m such an anxious nurse like.. I really am. I asked the patient if she had any pain after the enema and she said she felt fine, no pain. My preceptor thinks I’m an insane person cause I was freaking out after it like I did something incorrectly or pushed it in too far. Please help!!

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