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    Chamberlain, Tri-C, Bryant & Stratton?

    I need some guidance. I can't decide which school to attend for nursing. I've been working on some pre reqs at Tri-c for ADN nursing but I wouldn't be able to attend the nursing program until Fall 2019 which would leave me finishing the program in Spring 2021. It's also very affordable. I would then attend OU online for my BSN. Then there's Bryant and Stratton which is very expensive at a little over $50k for their ADN nursing program but I could start taking classes this Fall and be done by Spring 2020, which is a year earlier. I would then transfer to OU for my BSN. There's also Chamberlain which I don't know much about but I like the fact that there's a 3 yr BSN program but I do know it's very very expensive. Does anyone have any guidance or input? Any school they attended and loved or didn't love?? Is it worth paying a lot more to be finished a year earlier?! Thank you.