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  1. rhannah145

    Advice? Sexual Harassment Related

    I wouldn't really know where to start as far as potentially reporting your company, but I can say that you have every right to be upset and feel unsafe working for your employer after what happened. I've dealt with residents with similar behaviors in the past and I will agree with you that it can make you feel gross, unsafe, and unsteady when you go into an assignment without knowing the details of the behaviors you may encounter. As for the action you've already taken, I'd say your on the right track and handled the situation very well! I agree with the previous comment, that you may want to look for another place of employment in the meantime. I know it's hard to leave a job after bonding with your other patients, but I agree that you should put your own safety and comfort first. I hope that everything works out alright!
  2. rhannah145

    Pre-Nursing Student, Should I Quit My CNA Job?

    Thank you for your reply! I guess I should have been more specific when I said I'm looking for a different experience... it's not nursing experience I'm looking for, I'm just wanting to get a feel for what working in a hospital will be like and I would love to be able to see procedures up-close and personal as a CNA before going into nursing school. Thanks again!
  3. Hello All! I am a pre-nursing student and a CNA working in a long-term care facility for behavioral adults with dementia/psychotic disorders. I love my job and my residents so much, but lately my work is getting to me and i'm considering leaving my job. I've been debating this for months now, not knowing what to do because I'm afraid I'll be making a huge mistake. I've been noticing some changes at my facility lately and it's making it difficult to keep working there when I feel that I'm not getting the experience that I need for nursing school. I recently got my CNA 2 license and I am now qualified to work at a hospital. At the beginning of September, I will officially have 1 year of CNA experience and I have began to look at part-time jobs at local hospitals, however I'm extremely nervous to work in a hospital because I'm worried that my CNA 2 program didn't give me enough skills/clinical practice to master the new procedures I'm able to perform. I apply for my nursing program in T-minus 3 months and I couldn't be more excited, however, this whole work issue is seriously stressing me out and I just want to be in a situation where I know I can succeed. I want to become the best nurse I can be because I am truly in love with the nursing professional and I have dedicated my life thus far to educating myself, working hard, and being the best student/CNA I can be. I'm wanting to know your opinions: should I stay at my current job or should I go for a hospital position? I would love to hear your advice and any words of encouragement from fellow students or current nurses!