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  1. Sphynxy

    New Grad moving to Oahu

    It is extremely different here, the RN market is saturated therefore the pay is crap unless you work for one of the hospitals and if you are not being relocated for it, you have no chance except a 13 week contract deal with travel nursing. Hospitals here hire their own people, as in known locals.
  2. Sphynxy

    Pay rate in Oahu

    You will not get a job at any hospitals here with 1 year experience, Especially if you are coming from the mainlaind. Locals RNs here work as CNAs and LPNs for 3 years or more before being considered for an RN position at the hospitals and clinics. And if you find yourself getting lucky and getting offered a job at an independent clinic or similar, expect the pay to be less than you would get as an LPN on the mainland. That is the hard truth for RNs here. But, there are planty of Per Diem jobs with no benefits and no guaranteed hours. And home care here is like working in a third world country.
  3. Sphynxy

    Hawaii travel nursing

    Most employment companies in Hawaii including all the hospitals do not hire new nurses. The travel nursing companies will tell you its ok but its not and will end up placing you in home health jobs and long term care.