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  1. sudssoap

    CNA interview

    That's awesome! I was so awkward during my interview for the job I have now. I was so nervous I literally jumped when the DON walked into the waiting area and said my name. Then I took about two minutes stuttering before I could spit out an answer to a really easy question. Then, after he had offered me the job (on the spot, which totally threw me off but it was good) and I accepted we were getting up and my purse got caught on my chair and I about went down and took the chair with me. But I got the job :)
  2. Okay, so I just started my first job as a CNA in a SNF about three weeks ago. I really love the work and I feel like I'm good at it, except for one little thing...shower shifts. In my facility the shower shift is 4 hours, from 6 am to 10 am. The idea is to do as many of the hardest showers as you can out of the 15-20 showers each day. I've heard other CNAs complaining when a shower aid only got 4 showers done and then left for the day, so I've been trying to get more than that done when I can. The problem is I'm quite slow at showers and if I try to do more than four I end up staying a couple hours past when my shift is supposed to end. I don't mind staying, but the facility does prefer for the shower shift to be done at 10. On my training shift for showers we got 7 showers done in 4 hours, but in the two shower shifts I've done on my own I've gotten 5 showers done in 5 1/2 hours and then 7 showers in 6 1/2 hours (with a student helping change linens and stuff). So does anyone have any advice for making showers faster? I'm supposed to shower them, dress them, change their linens, and in some cases get them up in their wheelchairs. Every other day there are 3 hoyer transfers that need to be showered and those set me back quite a bit. Any tips that you have learned that help with efficiency? I know I'll get faster with practice, but I could still use some advice to help me speed things up some more.