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Danirenee2009 has 13 years experience as a ADN and specializes in LTC.

LPN for 10 years and just passed my RN boards!

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  1. Salary guidance needed!!

    I left a LTC facility about month ago after 5 years. It was hard choice but several factors contributed to that decision. The corporate DON reach out to me last week and asked if I would want to come interview for the DON position as it was sud...
  2. Battle Against Covid-19 Hits Home for RN

    I contracted COVID in December. It was the worst headache of my life for 3 days. Body aches and malaise for 10 days. Lost taste and smell which still haven't returned totally. The joint pain was bad for about 3 weeks after. My mental health ha...
  3. Re-entry

    It's OK.I had orientation to my unit and all the things that go with that. And as far as getting my groove back it took a couple weeks but it all click right in. All in all the transition back in was easy.
  4. Re-entry

    I just updated my resume to include my time off. Spoke honestly to potential employers. I was very ready to get back into working and showed appropriate enthusiasm related to returning to nursing.
  5. Re-entry

    I took 3 years off and re entered nursing with no issues. Good luck!!
  6. How Long Do You Expect To Be a Nurse?

    This is a very good question that I have been asking myself ALOT recently. I have been in LTC for 12 years first as an LPN then as an RN. I tried my hand at the hospital as soon as I received my RN but ended up back in LTC. This past year h...
  7. So, who are you?

    I am a Christian, working a recovery program, a wife to my best friend, a mother, a sister, a daughter, a lover of the outdoors, avid reader, a student of life. I am a nurse of 12 years but that is something I am grappling with at the moment. ...
  8. Age vs Years Nursing

    36. 10 years as an LPN. 1 year as an RN!!
  9. Share Your Brain sheet

    I started my first day on med surg yesterday. I have been an lpn in long term care for 10 years and graduated with my rn in May. I am amazed at the difference. The way that I have taken report /organized my duties for all of my nursing career is no...
  10. Illinois License by Endorsement

    I applied in March and received it in July. That was 2017. I didn't get a temp license
  11. Shoes

    I swear by Brooks brand . The best nursing shoes I have found. Absolutely worth every cent.