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    Bon Secours Application Process

    I am applying to Bon Secours as a patient care technician, currently going into my last semester of nursing school. I am a little concerned with the online applications however. I have applied to 4 positions and the application status have all been instantly (within one minute of applying) changed to "Status: Not Hired." I am pretty sure I have met the job requirements but it seems as if I am being automatically declined without even looking at my resume. Anyone else experience this problem?
  2. I'm heading into my last semester of nursing school so everything from now on will be mostly on site learning. I am a firm believer that nurses learn the most from hands on experience so I am very excited to finally work with a preceptor one on one. However, I am looking for audiobook recommendations that will help me keep fresh with all the nursing fundamentals to really be the best nurse possible. Stuff like nursing interventions, basic pathophysiology, drug ADRs, etc. I am not above learning anything too basic. There are some I have found tailored to medical students but those go more in depth than I can understand. I prefer audiobook so I can listen while in the car, working out, etc. Any suggestions?

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