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  1. Selenajudon

    Ati Mental Health

    Hello all on oct 11 I have ati mental health and I’m completely freaking out because on my first practice I got a 62% and on my second practice I got a 66% now I must admit I didn’t read the book fully though when I took theses practices , anyways now I’m applying myself to the MH book ,I’m doing so many Ati MH question on the site and I also brought Cathy parks flash cards . So my question is there anyone that did terribly on the practices but did good on the protector test ?
  2. Selenajudon


    Hello , So I’m taking pharmacology this semester and wanted to know what’s the best way to study each drug ? So far I just write on flash cards the drug action / Side effects and the nursing interventions but for some reason I feel like that’s not enough.
  3. Selenajudon

    Clinicals at the hospital

    Thanks for your help .
  4. Selenajudon

    Clinicals at the hospital

    Hello all !! Going into my 3 semester of Nursing school (Med-Surg) and I’m so nervous about going to the hospital to do clinicals . Can you all share your stories about clinicals at the hospital and is it normal to be nervous about going there ?
  5. Selenajudon

    Fortis For the ADN program!

    So I'm in the process of doing an application for the ADN program at fortis and I'm seeing so many bad reviews about doing the program there . Is there anyone that took the program at fortis and graduated that could tell me all about your experience? I have recently completed an application for an LPN program at a technical college but I won't hear if I got accepted until late September and if accepted I won't start the program until January 2019 . So I'm confused on what to do .