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  1. MiraJo

    Home Health LVN Salary??

    I'm transitioning to home health and was wondering what the potential earning is for LVN/LPN. In the region I live what I see in job postings range from 22 - 30 an hour, which is ok but I've heard some LVN's make close to (if not more) 6 digits a year.. I know the RN's make more, but just curious of the highest potential salary working 5 days / week for LVN.
  2. MiraJo

    Referral management

    Will you be in a hospital setting? If so I loved it, but it gets pretty redundant after a while.
  3. To be honest - I've had to change it up every couple of years. I started off regular shift work, then took a 8-5 case management job no weekends, smooth sailing for 6 years, but after having a kid it was stressful d/t no flexibility. So I got a job to work from home which turned out to be more demanding than any other position! I am now on a road map to home health and hoping the variety of patients, the break between cases, and flexible schedule will work better for me.