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    Extreme nurse burn out need help please

    That sounds absoluty horrible. I can't imagine how you must feel after having all those things done to you. I've read some of the other comments here. I wonder how new you are to nursing? And I only wo der tht, because from what I'm reading in your post, it sou ds like something I would've put up with, just like you did, back when I was a new nurse. I've given away my sense of humor for crap like that now. So if you ARE new, or just a non-confrontational person, please know that you do NOT have to tolerate any type of abuse or harassment and if you struggle to be mouthy and stand up for yourself, may I suggest seeking some sort of "life coach".....someone who can help you learn how to be outspoken? .....just a thought. I wish you all the best and hope things change for you soon
  2. NurseAmyG

    Why do you love being a nurse?

    Luckyyou What do you do to earn 90k??? I need in on that!!!