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    Impact School Has on Family?? Grateful for Advice :)

    Anesthesia school with kids is definitely possible but it is very hard. I am 10 months into a 28 month anesthesia program. I have 2 kids ages 4 and 6 and I am married to a very supportive husband who works full time. We both start our days very early. I go to clinicals at 5am and he goes to work at 5:30. I could not imagine how difficult it would be to take the kids to a sitter or daycare that early in the morning. My husband's mom comes to our house at 5:30 every morning and gets the kids ready for school and takes them to school too. Now it's summer vacation so she keeps them all day at her house. Both my husband's and my hours are very unpredictable. We never know when we'll be done until we are done. So his mother is always available to pick kids up from school, get them dinner if needed, sometimes bathe them at night if we have really long days. I do not think anesthesia school would be possible without someone like her in your life. If your husband plans on quitting his job while you go to school, then that would help significantly. But you need someone who can be there for your kids at unusual times and long hours. My kids are doing better than I am emotionally. I am missing out on so many things in their life- field trips, class parties, t-ball games and it makes me sad. I do feel selfish and guilty at times but I try to ignore those feelings so I can stay focused and get through school. We have such great family support that my kids hardly notice that I'm missing lol. That's good for them but it's really hard for me. Also, my school is in my hometown so we did not have to relocate or change schools. Life for my kids has remained relatively stable and I think that's important too. As hard as school is with kids, I believe it is worth it. Don't wait until they are older. It will be difficult no matter how old they are. If you have the family support system, then do it ASAP. You have had a strong influence in their life for 5 and 7 years, which is so important to help shape their personalities, values and beliefs. If your family transitions smoothly, then you won't regret anesthesia school. If your kids struggle, then you probably WILL regret it. So make sure you have a solid secure plan and recruit people that can help keep the kids' lives as close to normal as possible. As far as working during anesthesia school? No way! Not if your program is anything like the one I am in. I would have a financial back-up plan if I were you.
  2. 526_a420j

    Florida State University Panama City Nurse Anesthesia Program

    As a current Gooding student (class of 2016), I meet with my classmates once a week for didactics from 8am-4pm. I also do clinical rotations at both hospitals in Panama City. I am there 10-16 hours a day, 4 days a week. I spend ALOT of my time with CRNAs, SRNAs, anesthesiologists and many others in the medical field. With all this time spent in class and at the hospital, you would think I would've heard about the big buzz around town”. The truth is, I have NOT heard a single concern about the future of the school. I have NOT heard any of my classmates say how they are on edge”. Maybe I'm out of the loop? It's possible. Maybe it really ISN'T a concern for those of us who really know what's going on? DEFINITELY! When I got accepted into Gooding last year, I knew there was a possibility that the class of 2016 would graduate as Florida State students. I had heard that FSU was considering starting a new anesthesia program but a lot of things needed to occur in order for that to happen. And if for some reason the anesthesia program at FSU doesn't happen - no biggie. We will graduate from Gooding Institute, which is what I originally signed up for. The program director has told us from the very beginning that Gooding will ALWAYS back us up and be there until Dec 2016 when we graduate. Never EVER would they drop us in the middle of the program. That's absurd! To the RN's that got verbal acceptance - Congrats! I have to tell you what amazing clinical experience you will get here in Panama City. You only need 600 cases to meet the requirement, but most Gooding graduates get 1200-1500 cases. You get the quantity here but you also get QUALITY (heart, lung, crani, peds, OB). You get it all! For example, in the last week I did 13 epidurals, 3 spinals, 7 pediatric cases, one was a 5.5 lb premie, and 9 adult cases. This is why Gooding graduates have the reputation that they do. Lots and lots of experience! I am only 2.5 semesters into school and have already met several of my minimum requirements! That's very exciting! Many students across the country actually struggle to get their minimums in very important areas, such as hearts, epidurals and peripheral nerve blocks. Here, we have very supportive anesthesiologists that give us LOTS of opportunities to do nerve blocks. They encourage us and provide a supportive learning environment. In fact, 2 of my classmates got to do nerve blocks on the VERY 1ST DAY of clinicals! I'm sure it's difficult waiting to hear if FSU gets SACSCOC accreditation. Both Gooding and FSU administrators have worked diligently to get it this far. This is the final hurdle. Have faith and stay positive. If the approval happens soon then the new class will start the week of Aug 24. If they don't give an answer soon, then the start date will have to be pushed back to Jan 2016. In response to Taicurn's concern about minorities/diversity… First of all, when I look at the faces of my 23 classmates I do not see race/color/ethnicity per se, I simply see my Gooding family. When it comes to diversity, I'll let the numbers speak for themselves. In the upcoming class that will hopefully start in August (24 students) there are 2 Vietnamese, 3 African-Americans, 1 Chinese, and 2 Russians AND my program director is planning on opening nurse anesthesia programs internationally in underserved countries. Good luck to all those pursuing nurse anesthesia. As you can tell I am very passionate about this field. For those waiting to hear about accreditation, hang in there and try to be patient. It'll be worth the wait in the end.