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  1. Hello there, I was wondering if anyone had experience with UH Manoa's RN to BSN program or UH Hilo's RN to BSN program. Other than the location and price, what's the difference between the two programs?
  2. KCC ADN SPRING 2019

    Congrats!! We still have a chance!
  3. KCC ADN SPRING 2019

    Someone told me last year there was six
  4. KCC ADN Fall 2018

    Hey did u end up getting accepted?
  5. KCC ADN SPRING 2019

    I got alternate! Praying for a second chance. Congrats all who got in!
  6. KCC ADN SPRING 2019

    Pre-req: 3.95 GPA Co-req: 4.0 GPA Teas: 82.7% Exp: Nurse Aide Course I hope we all get in!