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Lindsaygee has 1 years experience as a BSN, RN.

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  1. Just got a rejection for the birth center. Good luck everyone! On to the next!
  2. Lindsaygee

    Providence TIP RN Residency August 2020

    I applied to the residency but didn’t get that email yet. Wondering if they are behind with some things.
  3. Hi everyone! Starting a thread for the RN residency with Providence in southern California. Apps open tomorrow and I am excited to apply! Best of luck to everyone!
  4. Lindsaygee

    CHOC Children's RN Residency August 2020

    OK I'm in the midst of applying as we speak...does anyone see and upload for a cover letter?? I can attach my resume but not my cover letter...
  5. Lindsaygee

    CHOC Children's RN Residency August 2020

    Yes! The CHOC in orange did not hire. She said they were just trying to make the new grad program a but more specific to NICU. Which is good for us!
  6. Lindsaygee

    CHOC Children's RN Residency August 2020

    They actually didn't hire at all last round! My friend works on the unit and said they were revamping the program so they didn't take anyone. Fingers crossed for us all!
  7. Here is the timeline for anyone who doesn’t have it already
  8. YAY! Hoping for some more movement this week!!
  9. Hi everyone! My application was moved onto the hiring manager for the total care birth center today. Maybe some calls will come out this week!
  10. Hi everyone! I am applying for the August cohort as well. Currently, my application says it is being sent to the hiring manager for a position in the Total Care Birth Center so I am hoping for a call for an interview! Does anyone have any insight into the process or info about the program??
  11. Hi everyone! I graduated with my BSN in December of 2019, and I am having a hard time landing a job. Some Summer residency programs are opening and my first choice is a local children's hospital in the NICU. My resume and CL are attached! Any and all criticism is appreciated! Cover Letter copy.pdf Updated BSN Resume copy.pdf
  12. Hi everyone! I thought I would start a thread for CHOC Children's RN Residency that is starting in August 2020. I'm super excited to be applying to the NICU! Fingers crossed for some good news in the coming months!
  13. Lindsaygee

    UCI New Grad RN Residency 2020

    Yep. They post them whenever! So far I have two still pending. Not sure what the timeline is like!
  14. Lindsaygee

    Banner Health New Grad RN 2020 West Valley

    Hi all! I applied on April 6th and my app says “pending recruiter review” as well. Has anyone heard anything else yet?

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