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  1. Hello Everyone! I must say that I became a nurse to escape and abusive husband and be financially stable with my kids after I divorced him. I left him before I graduated and lived in a homeless shelter; where I also graduated. Long story short, as soon as I started the clinical practice, I knew that this was not my dream profession; I wanted to become an attorney. As the years passed, I began to have panic attacks, became overwhelmed, suffered with anxiety, nightmares,and had horrible depression. I had to work; I had to feed my children; I just "dealt" with it...until I had a nervous breakdown...and became homeless. " Why don't you go into another part of nursing? Why did you ...nursing is so...." is what I constantly heard from my Voc Rehab Counselor; I was denied. I currently have a lower back injury (workers comp) and stopped working 2 years ago. I am medicated and my mental health has improved,tremendously, which made me apply for Voc Rehab. Has anyone qualified for Voc Rehab and had a negative result because they were a nurse? Thanks for reading.
  2. TravelMama72

    American Nurses in U.K

    Hello Everyone! It has been a long time since I have been here, so I hope that I am in the right place. I am thinking about nursing in London. All of my kids are adults and I love visiting the U.K. Has anyone worked in the NHS? If so, how was the experience? Thanks, in advance