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    Hey guys, I am worried about pregnancy and nightshift? How did you work nights while pregnant? I am so worried about miscarriage due to nights and trying to keep my sleep schedule on swing shift as much as possible. Any tips? Also waiting for your ultrasound is very hard. I want to survive nights and make sure baby is okay. Any tips/advice would be great. Thank you!
  2. A little about me, I have wanted to work in pediatrics since the end of my senior year of nursing school. I was fortunate to land a job in a Burn ICU that took care of adults and children. During one of my shifts I had a pediatric patient. It was that shift found I loved peds, never thought I would say that, and critical care. Well fast forward and I have been a nurse for a little over year and did not land a pediatric job. I never realized how coveted the speciality was until I interviewed with no success. I found they wanted experience before you had it. I have 8 months of Adult ICU under me and 6 months of Adult CVIMCU. I am currently working for a hospital that allows you to shadow any unit after you have completed a year on the unit you're hired on. I am thinking of asking to shadow in either our NICU/peds (very small unit, not critical cases at all) or the ED that sees kids and adults. We also have an opportunity to train up to CVICU after our year mark, if our manager feels we are ready. However it is a two year commitment (no money would be paid back if left earlier, but we wouldn't be hired back). So I want to make sure I am making the right decision. I do miss the ICU but I also know I miss the pediatric realm. I also do have a great floor and co-workers. So leaving would be hard, but I know my passion is with the younger population. So my question is what looks more desirable to pediatric hospitals? An Adult ED, an Adult CVICU, or a very small NICU/pediatric unit? We have two bigger children hospitals in our area that the kids get transported to from the ED. However, it is almost impossible to get hired there if you don't have some form of pediatric care as an RN. Thank you for taking the time to read this!
  3. kusters

    Colorado Children's RN Residency July 2018

    Has anyone heard from the Colorado Springs area yet?