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  1. danialex2018

    Affordable & Accredited LPN Programs

    Hi I’m kinda in the same boat. I actually started out as a nursing major at my 4 yr but then things changed and I had a baby. I needed up getting a degree in public health but my gpa is around a 2.9. I pretty much always met the minimum requirements for my school but I’m finding it’s hard to even get into other programs with that. I’m going to try and go the RN (2 yr route) through community college. You should look into it. All the lpn schools I’ve looked into is way to much and you’ll just have to go back to get an rn anyways. Lpn is 1 year usually but your dropping more than 2 yr RN program. If your able to definitely try that
  2. danialex2018

    Brookdale Community College

    We didn’t go into detail about how long each track wait list is. I’m hoping one starts sooner haha. She seemed like she was in a rush so I kept it brief. She said I should here something in like 4-6 weeks from her about taking that exam (not the college issued one). And that the wait list is about 2 years. I would feel more assured if I knew for sure I was getting in after 2 years. I’m going to try and apply to other nursing programs. I was rejected from my county’s cc but mine is super competitive. I’m going to keep applying tho
  3. danialex2018

    Brookdale Community College

    I actually have a bachelors degree so most of my classes are complete besides nursing classes. But I think you can complete the prerequisites while on the waitlist if I’m not mistaken. It’s just nice to get those out the way so you can focus on nursing classes
  4. danialex2018

    Brookdale Community College

    Hi. I am applying to brookdale. How long after the waitlist were you admitted. I spoke to the nursing head today and she said a 2 year wait. Is there leeway on that?

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