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  1. I am a UC Davis graduate with a BS degree and I'm applying to nursing programs (both ABSN and BSN) at a few CSU's through the Cal State website. For transcript entry, they are asking me to manually say whether the courses I have taken are transferable or not and I'm not sure what to put! I had always assumed that all of my UC classes would transfer to a CSU...I looked into it and I've read and been told that I need to use ASSIST.org, but in order to compare equivalency I have to select a specific CSU to compare to (for ex. Sacramento State). I've been seeing that even if a course from UCD doesn't show equivalency at Sac, it might have an equivalent course at another CSU. So how do I figure out transferability of courses without having to compare every single one of the classes I've taken with every single CSU until I POSSIBLY find an equivalent one (to confirm transferability)???
  2. eynhuynh12

    Samuel Merritt ABSN Spring 2018

    Hey everyone! I'm currently applying to SMU but I just wondered if I need to send official transcripts to NursingCAS for classes that are still in progress at the time of my application? Also, if I'm planning on taking Pathophysiology with Samuel Merritt before the start of the term (if I get accepted), do I need to add Samuel Merritt as one of my colleges "in progress"?? And then would I also have to request a transcript from them even if I haven't even started there yet? I'm so confused about their transcript/course entry requirements, please help!!