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  1. Hi there! I will be graduating from a BSN program this December and need some guidance. I have heard from many nurses, professors, and mentors that new grad RNs need to work Med-Surg for their first year to gain experience and learn to be a nurse. I have also heard from nurses I've spoken to that it doesn't matter, each unit is different and to go after your desired specialty. I want to pursue NICU nursing in a residency program but have zero nursing experience (CNA,PCT) on my resume. I have volunteering experience in a children's hospital and leadership positions, but my only work experience is within the customer service range. So my question is, would a NICU hire me or any OB unit? Should I just bite the bullet and work med-surg for the first year to gain that experience even though its not where I personally would enjoy going to work? Thanks so much!
  2. JuleG

    FGCU Nursing Spring 2019

    They've sent out acceptance letters as I received mine yesterday! Good luck to everyone who applied!
  3. JuleG

    HELP! FGCU vs Nova??

    Hi everyone! So I need some advice if any of you have been in this situation. I've been admitted to Florida Gulf Coast University's BSN program as well as Nova Southeastern University's BSN program. Money of course is taken into account but I want to know if anyone has had experience with either program. Good or bad regarding courses, clinicals, professors? I need to make a pros cons list to decide which is better. Thank you!!