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  1. minaya

    CU Denver Spring 2019 Cohort

    Hey Bellefeu, How was interview day for you? Did you get morning or afternoon? This wait to find out if we got in is killing me, how are you doing?
  2. minaya

    Denver College of Nursing April 2019 Cohort

    Hi Jenn86, The interview was pretty laid back, they gave me the paperwork and a tour of the school. I assume that yours was too. If you want, send me an email and we can meet before starting school.
  3. minaya

    MSU Denver ANO 2019 Spring start

    Hey! Thank you for your tips, although I didn't have much time to study. I took it this morning and got a 98 on both sections! So I'm really happy with my scores. Although still thinking if I should take patho or not, it messes up my schedule (taking A&P II and microbiology on Fall while working full time) and I only need it to apply to MSU, the other colleges don't ask for it (even one they indicate that I will need to retake it). I only have 10 out of the 15 points of the ranking criteria so I don't believe I have a chance to get in. I know I shouldn't quit but my personal circumstances are putting me on a lot of stress so not taking 3 credits on fall it would help a lot.
  4. minaya

    MSU Denver ANO 2019 Spring start

    Hey Colocrane, That's really good! I hope you get in! I'm taking the HESI next week, any advice? I'm really thinking on not taking Patho on the fall, because of my chances of getting into the MSU program with a 10/15 are really slim...
  5. minaya

    MSU Denver ANO 2019 Spring start

    Nice! I'm still waiting to be admitted into MSU. My expectations are low, I don't have healthcare experience so I can only get 10 of the 15 points. My chances are really bad...
  6. Hi! I'm going to move to Colorado at the end of the year and I'm finishing my application for the Accelerated program at MSU Denver. Anybody else is applying too?

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