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  1. ASurvivor

    KCC ADN Spring 2017

    Does the LPN-RN take that long? Or would it be the same time frame as if you had gotten accepted into the ADN program? I want to consider this option as an alternative route just in case but if it does take a little more time like a year behind ADN then I'll probably apply to other nursing programs even outside the state.
  2. Hi there, I don't know if this is the right place to post this question lol but I am doing my prereqs at a UHCC starting this fall and I'm being optimistic but I want to apply for UH Manoa's nursing program next year fall. Hopefully, I'll be finished with my 16 credits (includig the phyl and micro) before the deadline applications. So my question is, has anyone applied with their 16 credits and have the other 16 in progress got acccepted? Or is it better to complete all my prereqs then apply? I know that Nursing is a very competitive career but I will be a Nurse one day as I don't see myself doing anything else.
  3. ASurvivor

    UH Manoa BSN Fall 2018

    Hi I've also got a question myself since i'm also interested in the program, is it a good idea to apply with my 16 credits (including the phyl and microbiology courses) for next year fall and have the rest of my prereqs done right before the program? Or do people usually get accepted when they finish everything? Btw goodluck with nursing everyone!