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RHIT with a crap load of medical experience.
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Puppy Kisses specializes in RHIT with a crap load of medical experience..

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  1. Puppy Kisses

    New and feeling discouraged (vent)

    After informing your direct supervisor, they should then relay to DON and this should be care planned. Always document as there should be a record if anything goes sideways. You cannot force a resident to do anything. CYA with documentation and communication.
  2. Puppy Kisses

    Is this resident abuse and should be reported?

    The CNA needs to document this behavior by the resident.
  3. Puppy Kisses


    I am happy for the two of you. Keep your goals in sight. Many blessings to the both of you.
  4. Puppy Kisses

    Most of the class cheating??

    I was thinking the same as some of the other comments. They will get their comeuppance one way or another. Focus on you and not let their unscrupulous behavior take hold of you.
  5. Puppy Kisses

    New Grad: How do I handle harsh criticism from other nurses?

    Everyone has a learning curve. Everyday, you learn something new no matter how long anyone has been in their field. I suggest you turn a deaf ear to this negativity and keep your dreams of becoming an ICU nurse in sight. These are just words from a bitter person. Don't let her in.
  6. Puppy Kisses

    Ethical Question

    If you do not say something and it comes out that you knew, you will also be in trouble.
  7. Puppy Kisses

    Help! Do I appeal?

    "So I am graduating in few days." "Which school will let me in with only one course left?"
  8. Puppy Kisses

    To kill or not to kill... another person dream?

    Attempted murder. She has no regard for others and yet wants everyone to bow to her needs, opinions and ill gotten information. I can see her arguing with a family members over what they should or should not do. She should open up her own quackery clinic. She should not be licensed to do anything.
  9. Puppy Kisses

    I feel like I’m being targeted please help

    If you are in a SNF setting, you are not targeted. Some are just rude, tacky, and unprofessional. I have heard that the DON and ADON (resigned and tried to come back), where I work, behave just as you described. Look elsewhere.
  10. Puppy Kisses

    Ethical Dilemma: Is it ever ok to mislead a patient?

    Let her know that it is only 8 pills that she is receiving. If she still refuses, you document and let the physician know. It would be care planned how and when they come to a decision with the family on how to best administer her medication. Administer the most important for her first. If all else fails, you cannot force her. The care team will need to come up with a solution. MD, DON, MDS nurse, pharmacist, social worker.
  11. Puppy Kisses

    Patient Abuse/Nepotism

    I am not sure how your state handles issues like these but where I live, you can go online to Department of Health and Human Services and those guys will be at the facility. I would be dropping names, titles, family relationships and everything that has transpired. I would be on their website daily reporting this unconscionable behavior. There are lawyers that only sue SNF and enjoy it. I cannot wrap my head around this. You cannot even hold a patient tightly, that is abuse, especially when it leaves a mark on their thin skin. Please do something.
  12. Puppy Kisses

    Nurses Charged in Deaths of 12 Nursing Home Residents

    One of our facilities near coastline was evacuated to our facility because of potential flooding. We secured trucks for equipment, ambulances and buses for residents. Our facility was packed with two facilities in one, staff from the other facility, maintenance, administrator, nurses, CNA and dietary and our staff. I was very impressed. It was handled professionally and privacy of residents. With systems, checks and balances in place for certified beds and feds' survey every year, this should not have happened. An evacuation plan should have already been in place. I can't believe that this went as long as it did with this level of incompetency and substandard facility.
  13. Puppy Kisses

    Possible move to SC need advice

    I was born in NJ and from Philly, living in So. Caro. Check SC DMV, if you are planning to get a Real ID, to see what documentation you need.

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