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    Advice? Sexual Harassment Related

    So I'm a home health CNA. I work with Veterans. I recently quit my major assignment and lost a ton of hours because of it. The reason I quit is because my patient, a middle-aged combat vet with anger issues and a history of violence, was telling people that we were in a relationship. I've been nothing but 100% professional with him and the claims had absolutely no truth to them. I self-reported this incident and my supervisor allowed me to quit the assignment, no questions asked since she had no reason to doubt me. Keep in mind, I'm a 20 year old female. I'm tall and skinny and was being sent to the home of a much older male. I'm not afraid of anyone and I'm a very calm rational person, but obviously I'm very creeped out that he was saying these things about me. I don't even know the extent of what he said. This is especially weird considering the very sensitive and personal act of patient care. I was giving the guy showers. He'd try to put his hand in my lap when I filed his nails. I didn't think anything of it at the time, but now that I know how he was thinking of me...yuck. Now I've found out, through the lead RN, that the company/person who assigned me to him in the first place KNEW that he was inappropriate towards younger female CNAs. The last two women had to stop working with him for similar reasons. He's so desperate that he won't even allow the company to send male CNAs. He refuses them. He even tried to persuade one of the women to move in with him. The company sent a replacement for me and he threatened her. I'm not happy with the fact the company decided not to tell me about his predatory behavior before I took the assignment. He was a very difficult patient with behavior issues. They disclosed that much, but neglected to inform me about his trying to hook up with CNAs. Again. Slight, 20 year old female. Alone in a house with a large middle aged male. And they decided not to tell me he had a history of predatory behavior. I think they conveniently left that out so I would take the difficult assignment. I'm not happy and feel gross and unsafe. Do I have grounds to report the company/scheduler who didn't tell me? If so, who do I talk to? I'm a pretty shy and reserved person, so I don't want to bull-rush the company before I even know what to do. I could try to talk to HR, but that's going to be obscenely uncomfortable and I'd like to get some opinions/advice before I force myself to do that. Any advice or opinions on what I should do would be very much appreciated. I don't even know where to start. PS I'm still working for the company simply because I want to keep caring for my other patient, who hates change and has trouble getting used to new CNAs. I have been avoiding the supervisor who I feel is responsible. She's done some other shifty things, like trying to assign me on the down-low to a family who she already knew explicitly said they do NOT want young CNAs.