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cacranch has 40 years experience as a BSN, RN.

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  1. Would you like to have an advantage going into applying for your first, or next job? Even though a nursing shortages exists, many positions still have competition for those positions. There is a free way to "enhance your resume" that will make you stand out from the others. Did you know that employers are granted certain tax advantages for hiring different groups of people (ie veterans)? I first started in medicine over 40 years ago, as an EMT at a level one Trauma hospital, then transitioning to Nursing (ER for over 30 years) - finding a job was NEVER an issue. Most of the time I was "over-qualified", and as my years of experience grew, I was always a strong candidate for any position for which I applied. However, as HR departments started taking over all aspects of the hiring process, it became less about your capabilities, and more about what you looked like on paper. Another downfall, after a certain point (typically around 15-18 years of experience), one's years of experience were more of a disadvantage for hire, because of the starting pay for a facility for those years of experience. It was less expensive to hire those with less experience, even if the acuity in the position being sought, was extremely high. As I got older, there were several times when I was unable to find the job I desired, and had to "settle" as a result. I learned to never leave a position, unless I had another to take its place - or... many of the years in my tenure as a nurse, I worked agency. As I am transitioning out of active nursing, I have been made aware of the fact that there are Federal Hiring Incentives, or tax credits, given to those employers that hire people with certain qualifications. These credits are part of what is called WOTC, or Workers Opportunity Tax Credit. WOTC is NOT just for nursing, but ANY position or business for which one might be making an application. Often times, employers do not take advantage of these credits, due to lack of knowledge about them, or the paperwork and time constraint placed on the appropriate paperwork. There are multiple companies throughout the country that try to alleviate the complexity of the process. I have stumbled across this particular one that makes it simple for both applicant and employer to facilitate and receive the appropriate credits. This is done via a confidential questionaire given during the hiring process, in which qualifications are determined according to answers to the questions on this questionaire. The level of tax credit varies, for example, any veteran is eligible for a $9600 credit to the employer that hires them ... IF the paperwork is handled properly during the hiring process, and filed with the IRS. It is important to note that due to the personal component of some of these questions, by being performed by an independent third party, confidentiality is maintained on the part of the applicant from the potential employer. *Not every applicant qualifies, but research is done to assist in finding every local, state, and federal incentive for each profile received. So happy hunting! When multiple applicants are applying for the same position, this could truly be YOUR Advantage! Carol Ansley, RN, BSN

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