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  1. gabriela862

    Thomas Edison State University- ABSN Fall 2020

    @Nursebecky the questions were similar format BUT since there are so many topics they could test on, I wouldn't focus the material solely on the topics of the questions but go over every topic. If you recently took A&P I would say just review and you'll be fine. If you haven't taken it or taken it many years ago I would spend a lot of time on it! I haven't looked at the A&P 2007!
  2. gabriela862

    Thomas Edison State University- ABSN Fall 2020

    @Nursebecky for the TEAS exam math and reading sections- the types of questions were the same! I used the TEAS Secrets book my mometrix and it was all I needed. The grammar was tricky because of the vocabulary. As for A&P I would read the TEAS secrets book and know most of the terms and organ systems. You really have to have a good grasp on it. The good news is that a few of the questions of each section are "unscored" but you don't know which ones. On the TEAS website there's a breakdown of how many science questions there are but yes it was the second biggest chunk, but not nearly as much as A&P. I would focus on the scientific method. If you take any practice tests you'll notice that the science is mostly that. I hope that helps! It's really not bad it's just a lot of material. Thanks for the info about the interviews!
  3. gabriela862

    Thomas Edison State University-BSNA April 2020

    Hi! I just applied for the October cohort, and was wondering if interviews/decisions start after the application deadline or if you were notified before the application deadline. Just curious in regards to timelines with other schools. Thanks!
  4. gabriela862

    Thomas Edison State University- ABSN Fall 2020

    @jb02359 the TEAS was pretty fair! I studied for a week only (procrastinated but then had to cram). the science section was like a final exam, you really need to know everything from anatomy and physiology. I just went over a lot of Youtube videos and I referenced my textbook from class. The reading and math were easy if you take a few practice exams to know the types of questions, but I thought the Grammar part was tricky. I also took the practice TEAS on the ATI website ($50) but it was extremely worth it. I scored basically the same on the actual test and it gives you feedback for every question.
  5. gabriela862

    Thomas Edison State University- ABSN Fall 2020

    I just applied via NCAS! @Nursebecky I took the TEAS exam online. I emailed Vicki with my dates and it was pretty easy from there. Has anyone else applied already? Do you know if they will wait till after July 1 to interview/make decisions or will they do it on a rolling basis?
  6. gabriela862

    Concordia Texas ABSN Fall 2020

    How much is tuition for the full program?
  7. Hi Everyone! I was wondering if anyone was in a similar boat as me and is looking for accelerated nursing programs still accepting applications for a fall 2020 start cohort. I found a few on NCAS, but was wondering if there were any other ones through the school's website. I appreciate anyone's input! Thanks!
  8. Hi everyone! I am applying to the Rutgers accelerated BSN program. My chemistry I and II expired so I have to retake them at my community college, but I am not sure which one will transfer. The admissions committee said they do not look at classes until the application it submitted. I can either take Chemistry II or Organic Biochemistry My county college (UCC) offers a chemistry class that is specific for nursing: Principles of Organic Chem & Biochem. Has anyone taken this class at this county college?

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