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  1. bakerkatherine01

    How long to get a license after NCLEX in Pennsylvania?

    i got my license issued about a week and a half after i tested!
  2. Hi PA RNs, im taking my nclex on Monday (finally, it took forever to receive my ATT!) and was wondering how long it took after passing the NCLEX for the license to be issued and posted on PALS? need to start a job soon so I want to be prepared if I'm gonna have to be on the phone every day trying to get a hold of the BON like I had to do to get my ATT. Thanks!
  3. bakerkatherine01

    PA RN Licensure Proccess/NCLEX

    if you haven't already, send a new copy of your transcript in! they accept electronic copies too, but not fax. they had lost my original, but once they got the new one it went right into the system and i had my ATT in 5 days!
  4. bakerkatherine01

    No PA ATT yet (June 2018)

    i had the same thing happen... if you havent already, re-send your transcripts because they lost a bunch of them while switching computer programs or something. my new one went right into the system and i had my ATT 5 days later!