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  1. aggiecrna2019

    TCU/TWU/UT houston CRNA 2021

    I’m sorry. Yes, TCU. I forgot this is a thread for multiple schools
  2. aggiecrna2019

    TCU/TWU/UT houston CRNA 2021

    Hello all, I have applied as well. I spoke with the director and she stated we will most likely interview via Zoom or another related program. Best of luck to everyone.
  3. aggiecrna2019

    Advent Health University CRNA Program Florida

    Howdy, I have applied to Advent Health University’s CRNA Program in Florida. I am curious if anyone can shed some light on the program? Likes? Dislikes?
  4. aggiecrna2019

    AdventHealth University Nurse Anesthesia Program 2020

    Why do you suggest a different program?
  5. aggiecrna2019

    Advent Health University DNAP summer 2020

    Hello, I’m completing my application now. How was the ANES 500 class?
  6. aggiecrna2019

    Dismissed from CRNA School

    This school followed the policy as it is written. Any failed course results in dismissal. Nothing fishy here.
  7. aggiecrna2019

    Dismissed from CRNA School

    Good evening, I was recently dismissed from a CRNA DNP program after three semesters. I had no issues as far as the program, instructors, or otherwise. I was dismissed after failing a 1-hour course. I made all As up until this point. As this wasn't expected, I am looking for information regarding programs that have accepted dismissed students. I realize this is rare, but I am not willing to give up on my dream of becoming a CRNA. If you can offer any help I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
  8. aggiecrna2019

    Barry CRNA starting May 2019

    Do they only interview once per month?
  9. aggiecrna2019

    Barry CRNA starting May 2019

  10. aggiecrna2019

    Barry CRNA starting May 2019

    Just finished my application. No luck with schools here in Texas. Hoping for Barry. How long did it take to receive an interview invite?

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