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    Patient education for postpartum patients

    Hi! I need suggestions on what discharge health teaching is applicable for the below situation: Case Study: D.R is a 24 y.o primigravida who delivered a baby girl 24 hours ago, after 20 hours of labour. The baby was born at 40 weeks gestation and weighed 8 pounds, 14 ounces. D.R's Vital signs have been stable for the past 12 hours. She is Rh negative and has not received RhoGam. D.R is breastfeeding. Her milk has not come in yet. Her breasts are soft. She is complaining that her nipples are a bit sore. Her fundus is 2 fingerbreadths below the umbilicus. Her perineum is intact. She has no difficulty in voiding. She has a small amount of lochia rubra in her pad. Baby R had Apgar score of 8 and 10 at birth. Her stools are transitional. Her vital signs are WNL. At 24 hrs her skin is pink with no signs of jaundice. She is being fed "on demand" by her mother. She is often sleepy when eating. Baby R's cord is still attached. D spends a lot of time holding and looking at her baby and talking to her. Baby R is rooming in. She asks a lot of questions and wants to do as much for the baby as she can. She observed a bath demo that morning. She is becoming more comfortable with breastfeeding but is still apprehensive. D's husband has been visiting frequently. He is becoming more comfortable picking up the baby and holding her. He is very encouraging and supportive of his wife. D and her husband just moved to the city a few months ago. They are of Italian descent and both their families live in another province. D is planning on a year's maternity leave from her job as a computer analyst. Her husband is a pharmacist. Teaching Plan for: D.R Assessment: Learning Needs: Learning Outcome: Implementation: Evaluation: