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  1. MDC Nursing Spring 2019

    No. After do the blood, urine, and shots they give you an appointment for 2nd skin test and health assessment
  2. MDC Nursing Spring 2019

    Yes. Same day. Some of them which I can upload. Other results I have to wait, but not that longer as doctor office. I made appointment on Thursday and today I took everything required.
  3. MDC Nursing Spring 2019

    That's why is much better do it at MDC. They do it immediately. It's more expensive but faster and easier than run from one place to another and wait. I got my first test skin today and Wednesday I'll get the second one. Flu shot, titers, health asse...
  4. MDC Nursing Spring 2019

    I got accepted. Medical Campus full time. GPA 3.45. Hesi 80. I'm so so so happy. .
  5. MDC Nursing Spring 2019

    Hi Ngaya001, thanks for posting and share info. How easy or hard is the program? What was the deal, 4 years contract, low salary, ...? Are you working for Baptist while in the program?
  6. MDC Nursing Spring 2019

    Yes. I got pocket prep app, and two version older thant the current hesi book. Give me your email and I'll send you some info very useful that I just got. Moreover, is very useful watching some videos in YouTube on any subject that you don't understa...
  7. MDC Nursing Spring 2019

    Hello DeltaBravo27, how was your Hesi ? I will do it again on August 17 because I'm not sure if 80 is enough to get accepted. I heard that second one is little more difficult than the first one.
  8. MDC Nursing Spring 2019

    Thank you so much ********. Somebody told me also to look for Palm Beach college, Broward college, and Florida Key college which is too far from I live. I will search about all this college and those that you mentioned in your post. By the way, what ...
  9. MDC Nursing Spring 2019

    Hello, I just finished with the pre-requisites this summer. I got Hesi 79.43 and GPA 3.43, but I think is not good enough because there are better grades, so I will take Hesi again. I saw many students have plan B since they applied to other universi...