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  1. Stanford Travel RN

    What are your thoughts on the pacu there? What is it like?
  2. ASPAN orientation program, new preceptor

    In the past when I oriented to PACU it was just jumping into bedside care with a preceptor and also given online access to AACN's ECCO critical care modules to do on my own time. That was it.
  3. Trauma ICU to OR or PACU??

    Try and stay at current job just a few more months to have one year of experience. After a year of ICU experience, you will have so many choices of different areas to transfer into. You may really like PACU. Sometimes it is very busy, a lot of turnov...
  4. No RN experience and pursuing a master's?

    Nurses with a MSN degree in Case Management can get RN case manager jobs straight out of this program without any bedside experience
  5. Stanford or Kaiser???

    Interesting! Mayo, of course has an excellent reputation. That's great they offer pension, I think benefit helps to retain nurses long term. Just curious what you liked, didn't like about Stanford and El Camino Health? and how did they treat you as a...
  6. Stanford or Kaiser???

    Kaiser offers a pension plan, Stanford does not. If you plan to stay at the job for at least 5 years then it is worth getting the pension benefit at Kaiser. But if you want to work with the best and learn a lot, then Stanford. Kaiser is an HMO, drive...
  7. New nurse-too old for bedside?

    You are awesome!
  8. Can we talk about the Travel Nurse Cap?!

    Love this idea! See article: 'Cap hospital CEO pay,' travel nurses say ... https://www.beckershospitalreview.com/compensation-issues/cap-hospital-ceo-pay-travel-nurses-say.html
  9. New nurse-too old for bedside?

    I happened to come across this interesting article from AACN "Why I’m Staying at the Bedside"... https://www.aacn.org/blog/why-im-staying-at-the-bedside
  10. Stanford New Grad March 2022

    beenursexoxo, that's fantastic! Congrats!
  11. Stanford New Grad March 2022

    beenursexoxo, apply again in about 10 months once you are experienced and you have a great chance. There is a nursing shortage, they need nurses and have a lot of positions posted for experienced nurses
  12. New nurse-too old for bedside?

    You are not too old whatsoever! You are only in your 40s! I have seen nurses in their 60's still working at the bedside. There are always positives and negatives in every job, look for the positives. If you have a good attitude and remain interested ...
  13. Wolford college CRNA Spring 2018

    Any updates on the status of this program? On their website it appears they are accepting applications. Wondering if I should apply