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  1. Low gpa! Do I have a shot?

    You have to work hard to get in and stay in this program. Some locations are more competitive than others but make no mistake this program is incredibly challenging.
  2. Chamberlain Atlanta Fall 2020

    Try clicking on this link and see if it will let you join. Let me know if you have any issues. https://web.groupme.com/join_group/61082034/UlQjnCdC
  3. Chamberlain Atlanta Fall 2020

    Hey yall, we have a group me for all incoming students at Chamberlain Atlanta this fall. Let me know if you want me to add you ?
  4. Chamberlain - Atlanta

    Thats smart. Im saving $$$$ by transferring all core classes.
  5. Chamberlain College of Nursing Fall 2018 - Atlanta Campus

    Did you start classes in May?
  6. Chamberlain Atlanta 2020

    So I’m thinking about delaying my start date to September instead of May. Has anyone done that before or known someone who has? If I do I’ll have to go before the admission committee again and there is no guarantee I can be readmitted for September. ...
  7. Chamberlain Atlanta 2020

    I’m supposed to do a Webex tomorrow and go over my class schedule, tuition cost, etc...I completed my core classes so I will only be paying around 40k for tuition.
  8. Chamberlain Nursing School... Is it worth it???

    This degree will end up costing me about 40k. Thats not bad of an investment especially when state colleges will cost about the same. From what I am seeing Chamberlain students are highly respected at local hospitals in Atlanta and many of their stu...
  9. Chamberlain College of Nursing Fall 2018 - Atlanta Campus

    I just found out I am accepted! I am so excited!
  10. Chamberlain Atlanta 2020

    She finally called and told me I made it in. I won’t receive an official acceptance until I clear my background and drug screen.
  11. Chamberlain Atlanta 2020

    I’m going to the Atlanta campus. I am so excited! How are the online classes? I’ve heard they were tough.
  12. Chamberlain Atlanta 2020

    So I am unsure if I am officially accepted because I am waiting for my advisor to call but I received a docusign for student code of conduct and I received a transcript evaluation with the credits I have and classes I need to graduate. Does this mean...
  13. Southern Crescent Technical College

    Hi! Do you know how competitive the program is? I have a 3.5 in the pre reqs so I'm hoping I have a chance. Still waiting to take the PSB exam. Do you know what they look for in candidates?
  14. Chamberlain College of Nursing Fall 2018 - Atlanta Campus

    I just applied to start in May. How long does it take for the admissions committee to make a decision?
  15. Southern Crescent Technical College

    OK. I didn’t know they moved the deadline. Do you know anyone who has done this program? How many students they accept?